Based On The Play - developer of the action game Resequenced
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Based On The Play is an independent games studio operating from Singapore and utilising exceptional creative talent from around the world. The studio is an official Sony Playstation Partner and ID@Xbox Developer, and is currently developing the open-world story-driven game resequenced for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One.
pete-2 Pete Rivett-Carnac is the creative director, lead programmer and audio engineer for  resequenced. Ancient geek, passionate coder. Maker of music and games. Amateur genetics nerd. Loves to travel with his kickass family! Overwatch addict. Wine “enthusiast”. Stalk him on Twitter at @PeteCarnac
WesLocherpic Wes Locher is the Lead Writer of resequenced, fated to a life of writing since eighth grade when he won an award for a short story he’d penned. Since then, he’s written the comic books ChambersThe UndoubtablesUnit 44New Life, and the webcomic Innovation, as well as the book Musings on Minutiae, a collection of humorous essays. Follow him on Twitter at @weslocher
LL Laura Lockwood is the voice of Lux, the game’s protagonist, as well as Svetlana Dobrovski, its biggest villain. She grew up in North Idaho, where she honed her skills of voice acting with her golden retriever while wandering through the woods. After going to school in the midwest for Psychology and French, she fell more in love with studying people’s communication techniques and vocal tendencies. She now lives and works in Boston, where she’s joining the broader voice acting community through classes and commercial gigs. You can see her profile and some samples of her work here.
bp Bryan Pike provides the voice of RHETT, Mills, Waters and other key characters. He is a film director, actor, writer and artist. He holds a Bachelor of Media Arts and Production with the University of Canberra. His short films have received numerous awards and featured in festivals such as AtomFest, the Canberra Short Film Festival and Cirque Du Nocturne. At the latter his horror film, Bobo’s Wake received best film, best director and best monster/ killer. He studied at the University of Western Sydney’s Theatre Nepean, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Performance.He recently won Best Director at Crash Test Drama Canberra. He has worked with theatre directors Adam Cook and Daniel Schlusser, appeared in the ABC comedy series Double the Fist, and acted in numerous short films, music videos and animated shorts. You can find out more about Bryan here.
bp Laura K. Welsh is a voice actor located in Atlanta, Georgia who delights in lending her voice to various projects across the globe. She performs as several characters, including Cailee, Sheena, Tess, Agent Brannan and Doctor Toepfer. She’s an avid fan of startup gaming projects and animations, happy to contribute however she can. You might have even bumped elbows with her at one of the recent Dragon*cons or Comic-Cons, but chances are neither of you noticed because you were both too excited to get to whatever event you were in line for! No worries; you’ll see her around, for sure! Give her a shout out here.