Resequenced - the story and main features of the game
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The Story

After a year interstate at college, Lux Hart returns to her parents’ rural home for summer break, only to find it deserted. A series of clues leads her to uncover their secret membership of the shadowy government organisation The Redaction Commission.


The Redaction Commission is tasked with covering up anomalies and strange events to avoid mass panic across the population. They were at Loch Ness in 1933, and at Roswell in 1947, and countless sightings of werewolves, vampires and UFOs across the twentieth century.


The Commission has acquired alien technology which can radically modify human DNA, and after enlisting Lux to help find her parents, her DNA is resequenced, giving her enhanced abilities akin to superpowers.


Armed with her new abilities – and a gabby but useful AI implant called RHETT – Lux sets off in search of her parents, gathering clues to solve their mysterious disappearance.



Open world action RPG

RE*SEQUENCED is a 3D action RPG focused on story, exploration and combat. It’s heavily influenced by Fallout 3/4 and Borderlands, but also taking inspiration from old-school comic books, the fantasy movies of Steven Spielberg and the entire Marvel universe.

Humorous, engaging story

Lead writer Wes Locher has created an engaging story around a college student’s search for her parents, and their connection with the mysterious underground agency The Redaction Commission. His script is brought to life by professional voice actors, led by Laura Lockwood and Bryan Pike.

Diverse environments to explore

Over the course of the game – across twelve distinctly different environments – you’ll explore a deserted nuclear testing facility, a derelict Chinese spacecraft, a post-apocalyptic city where dinosaurs roam, an abandoned military facility in the middle East, underground caves and snowfields, and much more.

Loot fest!

There are almost a hundred collectible items in RE*SEQUENCED, in addition to consumables such as ammo, med kits and shield recharge packs. You can also acquire weapon parts, which can be used to upgrade your guns. Many levels contain special outfits which Lux can equip to empower her with stat bonuses and change her appearance. Each level also contains several challenges to complete for additional rewards and XP.

And lots more…

Full support for trophies and achievements and several other features are being developed for the game.


RE*SEQUENCED is designed to be easily expanded with additional missions via DLC, but you’ll still experience a lengthy campaign over several hours without any additional content.

Coming soon!

RE*SEQUENCED is on track for release in 2018 on Windows 10, macOS, PS4 and Xbox One.