Resequenced - an open world action game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One
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Open world action RPG

Resequenced is an open world shooter with RPG elements. It's heavily influenced by Fallout 4, Borderlands, Mass Effect and similar games, but also takes inspiration from old-school comic books, and fantasy adventures like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Jurassic Park.

Engaging story

Lead writer Wes Locher has created a compelling and engaging story around a college student's search for her parents, and their connection with the mysterious underground agency The Redaction Commission.

Diverse environments to explore

Over the course of the game, you'll explore a deserted town in rural America, a derelict Chinese spacecraft, a post-apocalyptic city where dinosaurs roam, an abandoned military facility in the middle East, underground caves and snowfields, and many more environments.

Play as first- or third-person

Do you like first-person shooters, or do you prefer third-person adventures where you cast spells? In resequenced, you can choose first or third person mode - and whether to use guns or abilities - to suit your gameplay style.

Loot fest!

There are hundreds of collectible items in resequenced, incuding medkits, ammo, shield recharge packs, lock picks, melee weapons, documents and much more. You can also collect weapon parts, which can then be used to upgrade your guns. Many levels contain special outfits which Lux can equip to empower her with stat bonuses, and change her appearance in third-person mode.

And lots more...

Full support for trophies and achievements, an online leaderboard, and several other features are being developed for the game. resequenced is designed to be easily expanded with additional missions via DLC, but you'll still experience a lengthy campaign over several hours without any additional content!